The Old Coach Route tour Images

On one of our tours an orb appears from the ground then travels upwards as if it is scanning the lady before going on its way moving to the left of the video.This footage has been slowed down so you can see it.

 The next clip is of an orb moving from left along the ground passing the tree before going upwards, as it moves it becomes translucent. Orbs in both clips can be seen on Henley Ghost Tours TV, its called orbs.

Encounters with orbs, angels and mysterious light-forms,

Clips below start with orbs, a ghostly face appears out of no-where and then goes as quick as it came followed by a lightning apperition and then a will-o'-the-wisp appears by the side of one of our guests as she sits down, these all appear within minutes of each other,the EMF metre kept going of,everything we saw that night could not be explained! We believe it to be more proof of spiritual activity! What do you think? 

Orb photos

 The photo below is of an orb which has been enlarged so you can see a clearer picture.  In this orb there are four faces of a elderly man  an elderly woman  middle age boy and a infant boy this is a survey of fifty people looking at this picture  this is what they saw.What can you see?                

This is called will-o'-the-wisps another name for balls of lightning seen outdoors it seems to carry more of connotation and are more often credited with intelligent behavior thay are usually blue some can be one ball or many tiny flickers of light. Sometimes called fairies or spirits.  


Strange luminosities and faerie-like form. Were beings at all, they existed in the realm of light and energy. And whatever we believed about the likelihood of faeries in our garden, the fact was that,whether we liked it or not, we were now photographing something that looked suspiciously faerie- like. Behind our two dimensional images there seemed to be something else at work. So far our experience of this phenomena had undoubtedly been a positive one, yet we still had no idea what it was -or what it all meant.     





Do you belive in life after death