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Oxfordshire paranormal investigations team. We Can help you!

Henley Ghost Tours are investigating famous names such as:- Mary Blandy - Convicted in 1752 of murdering her father by poisoning him. Our investigations are in the Henley and Oxford areas, researching famous people, Henry VIII who stayed in a hotel in Hart Street, a house in New Street and visited his troops around the lands of modern day Phyliss Court, Henley on Thames. Anne Boleyn is reported to have lived in New Street, Henley on Thames, Dick Turpin also stayed at an Inn down Hart street. Famous highwaymen who frequented the transport paths at Maidenhead Thicket and Henley on Thames, Prince Rupert - took refuge in a hollowed elm tree situated in the grounds of Rupert House, Northfield End many more to be researched.

Investigations 2010-present 

Ives Brewery Henley-on-Thames August 2010

Warwick Castle September 2010

 Watlington House Reading October 2010

Ives Brewery Henley-on-Thames October 2010

Hellfire Caves West Wycombe November 2010

Private house Reading January 2011

Watlington House Reading January 2011

Private house Reading February 2011

Royal Albion public house Reading February 2011

Watlington House Reading April 2011

Private house Farnbourough July 2011

Rose & Crown public house Henley-on-Thames July 2011

Private house Pangbourne Reading August 2011

Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker August 2011

Watlington House Reading September 2011

Kennylands Camp Reading October 2011

Kenton Theater Henley-on-Thames November 2011

White Hart Dorchester November 2011

15 Century Bull Inn Wargrave November 2011

                                      Private house Henley-on-Thames November 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Red Lion, Brightwell Oxfordshire January 2012

                                          The George Hotel, Wallingford January 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

If you live in the Oxfordshire or Berkshire area and have experienced any paranormal activity call us and our team will investigate it for you. In some cases there might  be a charge for this service.

Phone: Dave 07836202508 




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