Video Galley2

The Old Coach Route tour experience is always well attended 

The tour is lead by guide Dave along with resident spiritual mediums Janie and Patrick Malcolm. 

After a prayer of protection Janie and Patrick explained that we were being drawn up a lane by a strong spiritual presence we believe it to be a nasty highwayman who once prowled the area. On previous occasions many have commented on the pull of the lane and sensed a feeling of being watched.

After a short distance up the lane we felt it would be best to return to our normal route at this time rather than be enticed any further. A few people experienced the feeling of being touched on the head and the deep sadness of a lady in exactly the same location that we heard a child's call on a previous tour. We believe this lady was looking for her lost child and that through our spiritual mediums they were re-united!

More tour dates coming soon!

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In the last 20 seconds on the video the man standing on top near the wall notice the orb moving from right to left,









Do you belive in life after death